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3.15.14 - Cloud Springs Deli // Ringgold GAphotograph by #1 Dad Pfohl of Secret Stuff

3.15.14 - Cloud Springs Deli // Ringgold GA
photograph by #1 Dad Pfohl of Secret Stuff

Sinai Vessel - Profanity (North Carolina)



Who It Is: Sinai Vessel - Profanity; Ozona Records // Driftwood Records (2013)

What It Sounds Like: The Hotelier, Dear and The Headlights, Pedro the Lion


Woah what’s this? Matty D isn’t reviewing a duo or a twinkle band?…

Funeral Sounds lended their ever-skillful criticism to our record and it’s a wonderful read. Endless points to Matt for being the first to vocally pick up on what we thought was a pretty obvious Radiohead homage. Thanks dudes!

Anonymous asked: Marry me? Collectively.

Why not? Josh is polyamorous enough. Between his natural heartthrob persona and Danny and I’s sensitive spirits, there’s got to be some kind of hodgepodge of an ideal mate. We can’t promise we’ll smell the best, but we’ll treat you with utmost care.


backside tip touch feat. myself & nick

sv <3 yl

Anonymous asked: You guys are so rad it almost hurts. We need to be best friends.

Sorry about the threat of pain. Bestfriendship is a nice salve. We’d love to eat Bojangles and watch Arthur reruns with you.

Anonymous asked: Come back to Asheville, NC! Please, please, please? *presents food offering*

Of course! Asheville is my (Caleb’s) hometown and we all grew up about an hour east on the 40, so we love finding any reason to visit. We’re actually already confirmed to play the Odditorium in July, but we can’t quite tell you who with just yet. Food offerings in such a culinary city are making all of us profusely sweat our own weight in German chocolates—which, incidentally, makes no difference to the analogy. We accept.

Danny is roping me into seeing Mac DeMarco there on Friday. If that’s something you’re into, keep an eye out for him and (possibly) me.

Anonymous asked: What is the origin of the band's name "Sinai Vessel"?

Good question. When I started SV as a “project” in which to develop my songwriting in early high school, I recall being obsessed for a time with the Biblical narrative of Mount Sinai. In short, the peak of this mountain was the fabled location for the pivotal meeting between the Hebrew God / Moses—a communing that resulted in the latter’s glowing descension with the commandments nearly every human in the American south has known at some point in hand.

The funny thing about this meeting was that it wasn’t a Precious Moments styled deity-and-man picture, but a deeply ominous one. The mountain was shrouded in utter darkness, the people that Moses was leading were bitterly against him, et cetera—and yet it produced this result that’s formed the ethical basis of several world religions. Thus, I was interested in what the Hebrew word “sinai” meant—I looked it up in some sort of concordance that translated it as “uncertain.” I’ve since found that it’s more probable than not that it’s an inaccurate translation, but that’s what “sinai” has stood for in my mind ever since.

So the completed name “sinai vessel” winds up essentially being another word for “band” or “art medium” or “catharsis”—it’s a space to work out and engage with uncertainties. Though doing so almost always involves willingly enveloping onesself in confusion and darkness, there’s the worthwhile chance of it yielding vastly meaningful results.

That’s why this band exists / has existed / will continue to exist. One might despair that she’ll never run out of uncertainties, but it’s a means for meaningful creation throughout all of life. Bill Callahan says it best: “There is no love / where there is no obstacle.”

**Necessary disclaimer: we’re not a Christian band.

Anonymous asked: Do you guys play bah mitzvahs??? I'm tryna work it out....

Trying to decide how to gender this rite of passage—you could be speaking in an affected Bostonian accent (“bar”) or you could have giant / slippery fingers that mashed the nearly-adjacent H-key instead of the T (“bat”). Either way, we’ll play it. Chairlifts are a thousand times more punk than crowdsurfing any day.

Anonymous asked: Will you play for fixed weights of German chocolates?

We’ve certainly played for less and enjoyed ourselves regardless. Paying us in candy could work to our morale’s benefit—Danny has an endlessly insatiable sweet tooth (although it tends far more toward the synthetic / fruit-flavored subgenre of sweets) and I’m sure he’d appreciate the donation. A pound of anything (chocolate, chapstick, hair, human flesh) is at least probably worth more than a pound of nothing.

Did you know that Nestlé owns Godiva?